3 Crystal DIYs to Get You Through Mercury Retrograde

Beware! Mercury retrograde is in full effect. Please note: Mercury is not actually moving backward, it’s just an illusion that occurs when Mercury passes Earth in its orbit. However, while this cosmic occurrence happens three to four times a year, it has some serious astrological implications. Mercury rules the transfer of information, thus, throwing off all communication, travel and technology during its retrograde. I mean, the WiFi at Brit HQ was on the fritz all last week. Coincidence or Mercury retrograde? Just sayin’. Regardless, I felt like it was time to burn some sage and harness some crystal power to get us through the final days of Mercury retrograde without incident.
How to Make a Crystal and Succulent Terrarium 

Stones: amethyst and quartz
Properties: Amethyst is a calming stone to help promote peace and balance during this crazy time. Quartz crystals are among the most common in the world, are seen as a source of light and can help guide you through muddled communication.

Materials and Tools:
  • jar
  • amethyst gemstone and geode
  • crystal quartz pieces
  • soil
  • small rocks
  • succulents
  • hammer
  • flat nose pliers
  • Safely break open your geode and separate it into small pieces with a hammer. Make sure you protect yourself from flying pieces.
  • Layer the geode pieces at the bottom of the jar with the crystals facing outward. Next, add the rocks and soil.
  • Plant your succulents into the soil, using your finger to dig a little hole in the soil.
  • Arrange your crystals around the succulents to your liking and you’re done!

Safely smash your geode open and break up into smaller pieces. I first broke up the geode in a paper bag to prevent the smaller pieces from flying around. And then, I used this small box to break the pieces down even more.
Layer the geode pieces at the bottom of the jar with the crystals facing outward. Next, add the rocks and soil.
Carefully place the succulents and crystals into your jar. And you’re done!
This little crystal terrarium will definitely bring some positive vibes your way.
by: Lindsay Saito  

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