Use This IKEA Hack to Spruce Up Your Plant Shelfie

Raise your hand if plants and flowers just make you a happier person - that’s me!! Indoor plants are so important to me because their colors and smell transport me to a magical land - the land where the sun is always beaming and huge banana leaves brush my face. Today we’re focusing on small upgrades to make your plant *shelfie* a tad bit cuter. We used an IKEA table runner to create cute little baskets to go over the plastic plant container. This IKEA hack is so simple, and one table runner will make at least five baskets. Follow the GIF below to create your own :)

Materials and Tools:
  • IKEA table runner
  • hot glue gun
  • measuring tape
  • pen
  • fabric scissors


1-Measure the circumference and height of your planter.

2-Cut out a rectangle that measures half of the circumference + 1 inch, by the height of the pot     multiplied by 3 inches.

3-With the good sides facing inward, hot glue the open edge closed to create a cylinder.

4-Fold the bottom edge up and then hot glue to folds to create a base.

5-Turn right side out and fold down the top to make a cuffed edge.

With a quick measurement of your planter, you can easily create a decorative slip for all of the greenery in your home. Use a hot glue gun to attach the fabric together and then roll down the top edge for added flair.

We got five baskets plus a small table mat out of this one IKEA table runner.

Your plants will be so excited for the upgrade.

Can you spot the ceramic cacti? Guess what - those are also from IKEA! We are obsessed and are certain we won’t kill them :)

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden

Photography: Kurt Andre

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