Elevate Your Apartment Decor by Hacking This Easy + Stylish Mobile

Adulting can be hard AF, but it comes with some super sweet perks, like decorating your apartment however you please. Apartment decor can be pricey, so around here we are always on the hunt for ways to spruce up your pad that won’t cost you your whole paycheck. In the past we’ve brought you easy and cheap wall art, how to make an art gallery wall on a budget, and an Anthropologie wall art hack. Today we’re serving up a chic mobile hack inspired by the work of Alexander Calder. This mobile is made out of Brit + Co X Cheeky plates, costs under $30 to make, and adds so much character to your home.

Materials and Tools:
  • Cheeky Paper Plates
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • fishing line
  • dowel, I got mine at a local hardware store
  • gold floral wire
  • X-ACTO knife

Start by cutting fun shapes out of the paper plates. We didn’t draw our shapes out beforehand and just freestyled it. This worked out great, giving the shapes a very organic feel. Next trace the shapes you’ve cut out on a plate with a different pattern. You’ll hot glue gun the two matching shapes together to eliminate the white backs of the plates and leave a different pattern on each side.

Once you have a good amount of shapes cut and glued, lay out your dowel and play around with the arrangement of the shapes.

When you’re happy with your arrangement, using your X-ACTO knife, make a small slit in the four pieces that will hang from the very top.

Attach the two pieces with the gold floral wire, making a small arch.

Repeat those steps for the two pieces hanging from the other side.

Now with your hot glue gun, apply a very small amount of glue to the bottom of your top shape. Can we take a second to shout out how AMAZING hot glue guns are - you can use them to make literally anything!! It’s great.

Now cut a piece of fishing line and place it in the dot of the hot glue. Make sure the fishing line is completely covered in glue - this is essential for the strength of your mobile.

Repeat this process until you have attached all your shapes with fishing line. Using the same fishing line, attach each end of the dowel with a simple knot. Your mobile is now ready for action!

We hung ours over a reading nook and it totally jazzed up the corner.

Look at that baby move! It actually moved so much it was super hard to get a picture of it.

DIY Production + Styling: Cassidy Miller

Photography: Kurt Andre


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