This IKEA Hack Will Help You Add More Hygge into Your Home

Question: Who doesn’t love a good IKEA hack?! Answer: Everyone loves them, and this bench is not only an IKEA hack, but also an Amazon prime hack! Two of our favorite quick and easy stores come together to create a simple piece that adds more hygge into your life. If you’re like, “WTF is hygge” - we understand; we used to be you. It’s a Danish word (pronounced hue-gah) that encompasses the feeling or mood that comes with the warm, cozy comforts of a home. And in our opinions, what’s more comfy than a fur bench? We suggest adding this piece to your foyer to create a quick place to rest, put on your shoes, and breath in the hygge before heading out for your busy day.

 Materials and Tools:

  • bench
  • three IKEA fur rugs
  • staple gun
  • gold spray paint
  • fabric scissors
  • Sharpie 

  1. Place the bench on top of a fur pelt and trace the bottom edge. Draw a parallel line four inches above to finish off the top and then cut out.
  2. Trace this cutout piece on the same fur pelt for the other side of the bench.
  3. Staple gun these pieces to either side of the bench.
  4. Grab your second fur pelt and cut off the edges to create a 20 x 30-inch rectangle.
  5. Tuck edges into the side creases of the bench, and then staple gun the fur to the bottom edge of the bench.

  1. Cut the last fur pelt in half and use these to cover the arms. Tuck the fabric into the creases of the bench and then staple gun to the bottom edge.
  2. Use extra fur from the first pelt to cut circles for the arms and any extra areas that need to be covered. Staple gun in place.

This bench has a funky little bottom. I traced this pattern onto the pelt to get the exact curves, however I wish that I created a faux straight edge to the bench by just cutting a long rectangle to cover the bottom area.
 Finish the shape by drawing the top line about four inches from the line you traced and then cut out. Trace this shape and cut out another so you’ll have pieces for both sides of the bench.
 Staple guns and fur are amazing, because you can’t see the staples! Go for it, girl, and staple the fur to the bottom edge of the bench. Staple wherever and as much as you want - you won’t be able to see it!
 Turn your second pelt into a 20 x 30-inch rectangle. This will be for the seat portion of the bench.
 Tuck this guy into the sides of the bench - it is very snug and will hold in place. Staple gun the bottom edge of the rectangle to the bench. This edge will meet up perfectly with the piece you attached in the previous step.

 Cut your third piece in half. Tuck one edge into the cushion and staple gun the other side to the base of the bench.
 Trim off the fur that hangs over the edge and staple gun the remaining fur in place.

 Use the first pelt to cut out circles to cover the open arms of the bench and any other places that have fur missing. Remember that the fur and staple gun just seamlessly disappear into each other, so there is no way to tell what piece belongs to what ;)
 Spray paint the legs gold and screw onto the bench, following the bench instructions.
 Miss Brie never turns down an opportunity to model, especially on a piece of furniture that is just one huge, furry bed :)
 Ready to snug on that bench with Brie RN. See you all later!
DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Brittany Griffin

by:Kelly Bryden

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